The recipe for moonshine is simple: corn, sugar, yeast and water. The secret is the pride we put into perfecting this great, time honored tradition.

The Mash

Our mash is born from corn ground at the Old Mill in Pigeon Forge, a historic staple and hub of early existence in the Great Smoky Mountains. The water-powered gristmill, built on the banks of the Little Pigeon River almost 200 years ago, harnesses the water flow through a well-aged, artistic system of shafts, belts and pulleys that still gets the job done.


Thank goodness for the egg-shaped fungus called yeast, the single most important ingredient in the production of moonshine. This critical organism thrives during the fermentation process. As the oxygen in the mash is consumed, the glucose molecules begin to enter the yeast and are converted into carbon dioxide and ethanol. This process is where our distiller’s craft creates much of the flavor profile for our product, as well as our signature aroma.


The process of distillation does not make alcohol, it only concentrates alcohol to increase the proof. Our distillation process evaporates and filtrates, and is what we consider to be the most satisfying part of the craft. Alcohol evaporates at a lower temperature than water, so by heating the wash to over 173.1 degrees Fahrenheit, we can separate the alcohol from the water and other components in the wash. We collect our spirits from a very narrow proof range to ensure our finished products contain only the purest, best tasting distillate.

Bottling It Up

The result is a clear liquid bottled in a mason jar, just as generations before have done. We take great pride in the opportunity to showcase the art of superior American-made moonshine.

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